Hello, my name is Artur Kołakowski, graphic and UX design is what I do. I love being creative and designing new solutions. I’m absolutely convinced that good design is not just pretty colors and clever graphics, it all comes from a solid techinical base that is easy to use and gives a great experience. I started to deliver creative services in 2003. I’ve been lucky enough to work on numerous international projects.


I’ve spent the last decade helping one of the world’s biggest companies build and then continuously strengthen its identity. I’ve been a brand guardian and champion for 65,000 global employees and for the world outside. I’m loyal and dedicated but now is the time to move onwards and upwards.

Through the years and with my creative mind, I got involved in multiple projects. I have worked on websites, collaterals, print ads, brochures, online banners, applications and many other creative assets.

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